Company Profile of
ABC Leather Ltd.
This company got ‘’LWG’’ certification on 2021 & It’s a green project with ETP facilities.


Official Name

ABC Leather Ltd.


Type of Company

A Modern Leather Finishing Unit.


Date of Eastablishment




Zainal Abedin Majumder : Proprietor



ACNABIN, Chartered Accountants.


TAX Adviser

M. Moniruzzaman, FCA Partner, ACNABIN, Chartered Accountants.


Legal Adviser

Ahsan Habib & Associates.



a) Agrani Bank Limited, Amin Court Corporate Branch, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

b) Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Satmoshjid Road Branch, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.


Registered Office

Dream, House # 2/4, (2nd Floor), Block- A, Mohammadpur Housing Estate, Mirpur Road (Opposite to National Parliament House) Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.


Factory Location

Zirabo, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka-1341, Bangladesh.


Production Capacity

100000 sq.ft per month.


Types of Product

From crust / semi-finished leather to final finished under the supervision of Korean and local experts.


Major Machineries & Equipment.

Brand new world class Italian machineries and equipment’s.


Staffs and Workers

Total 50 workers and staffs (Till December 2018).



Major markets in Japan,Korea


Business Policy

a) Quality perfection,

b) Reasonable price,

c) In-time delivery and,

d) Standard working environment.


Employee Facilities:

Abedin Group strongly believes in taking care of its employees. A senior management team is operational for compliance matters. The team works relentlessly to ensure the safety of the factory, whether it is health, fire or electrical safety issues.

Child labor is strongly prohibited in this factory from the very beginning. We always recruit people above the age of 18 years in accordance with our national law. Their prosperity and the improvement of living standard is our prime focus.

The premises is regularly maintained and cleaned so that it provides a healthy and hygienic working environment. On top of that, it is mandatory for the workers to wear masks, gloves and uniforms during their work.

The factory is enabled with firefighting equipment’s as required.

We have arrangement of separate storage system of all hazardous materials outside our production building for safety purpose.

Emergency exits on all floors are clearly marked, well lit and unblocked so that the workers can use the ways with ease when it's necessary. Regular evacuation drill is carried out for all employees to train themselves for any emergency situation.

Relevant first aid equipment is also available at the workplace. There are free medical treatment facilities with a doctor and nurse available for whole working hours.

We also have ambulance/Car service for employees in case of any emergency move to hospital.

There are food and canteen facility.

Workers can also keep their children at the child care unit.

We are delighted to inform you that our company is under certification Environmental Management system (EMS) ISO 14001:2015.

Abedin Group strictly follows and encourages employees to adopt the Comprehensive group insurance policies set by the Bangladesh Labor Law.

Provident Funds are provided to employees upon maintaining all the necessary requirements.

Allow employees to plan their leaves. Holidays are provided as per regular industry rules.

Appointment Letters are issued for hiring any labor which contains information such as salary, other financial benefits, applicable rules etc.

Two festival bonuses are provided every year.

Record keeping through various registers such as service books, labor registers, and leave registers are always maintained. Any misconduct is well investigated before taking any action.


Contact Details:

Mr. Zainal Abedin Majumder

Managing Director