Environmental Policy

BBJ Leather Goods Ltd. is a Bangladesh-Japan Joint Venture Company manufacturing world-class, high quality, best design finished leather products including purses, bags, wallet kit etc under the supervision of Japanese technical experts in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our activities are related to the following environmental aspects: air emission, wastewater effluent, waste sludge and noise pollution and energy consumption.

We are committed to:

  1. Establish, implement, maintain and improve a ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System.
  2. Set, monitor and review environmental objectives, targets and programs yearly.
  3. Comply with all compliance obligations and other requirements related to its environmental aspects.
  4. Implement measures to reduce adverse environmental impacts and prevent the pollution, by continual improvement.
  5. Document, implement, maintain and communicate this Environmental Policy to all our employees through environmental education and awareness-raising activities.
  6. Make this Environmental Policy available to the interested parties (consumers, citizens, local and national authorities), and to create good communication with customers and communities at the local and international levels.

All staff has a responsibility in assisting the company to consistently meet high quality and environmental performance standards and where possible identify improvements in operational practices.

We look globally and act locally to continual improvement in all environmental aspects mentioned above.